Kathleen Holmes


Like the canvas I paint on, the crochet panels I use in my paintings are made from cotton, and therefore are an expansion of the surface medium. I use these patterned and textured panels to represent the architecture and geometry of Nature; like how a tree grows, the movement of water currents, not to mention life cycles. The crochet is a metaphor for interconnections, relationships - those within Nature, and ours to that Nature.

Western Bluebird Image
Network Image
Route 1 Image
Estuary Image
Captiva Image
Upwind Image
Savanna Image
Near and Far Image
Low Tide Image
Downstream Image
Delta Image
Bo Peep Deep Sleep Image
Rookery Image
Home on the Range Image
Waterway Image
Waterway 2 Image
Hortulus Farm Image
Upstream Image
Wetland Image
Dusk to Dawn Image
Upwind Image
Blue w/Panels Image
Sienna w/Panels Image
Yellow Image
The Tempest Image
Blackbird Whistling Image
Extremes of Love Image
Cascade Image
Migration Image
Clear Key Image
Last Key Image